The spa business literally involves one-on-one, hands-on personal service. Since the spa staff are such an important asset, it is essential to recruit, hire, train, motivate and retain those people who can "touch" the guests by creating a memorable experience for them. We provide fully licensed and insured Massage therapists, Skin Care Specialists, Personal Trainers and Support Staff.

Our Services include:
  • Recruiting, interviewing, screening and vetting applicants as to their technical skills as well as their references, credentials, ethical character and person to person skills
  • Providing regular and backup staffing and scheduling systems
  • Determining type of compensation arrangements for staff depending on the client's requirements and preferences
  • Training and cross-training of staff in premium treatments not taught in their basic licensure courses
  • Where appropriate, collaborating with client's management in the planning for large group spa services


Spa Directions, Inc.
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